Why you NEED a manager in MMA

Many of the casual MMA fans are used to only see and think about the part of the professional MMA life where the fighters duke it out in the ring or the octagon. And with good reason – since this is what the fighters are known and loved for. However, there’s another side of the professional MMA career that the casuals aren’t aware of – the background negotiations regarding the salary, bonuses, sponsorships, and fight contracts. The vast majority of successful fighters have a figure that stands behind them and that isn’t well-known by the general public – the manager. In this article, you will get to read about the importance of this figure in MMA and why you need a manager if you’re serious about being successful in your career in MMA.

Now, let’s get things straight right at the outset. There are good managers – and bad managers. And both of these categories have their distinctive characteristics. We’ll start with two of the core most important traits that good managers have – honesty and integrity. The truth is that there are a lot of shady managers out there – promising the world to young and inexperienced fighters, and then failing to deliver.
A good manager will be truthful and honest with the fighter first and foremost. This includes being truthful about the good stuff – but also about the bad stuff. There are some things that have to be said regardless of them being good or bad. If you notice that your manager sugar coats things and only talks about positives without having the integrity to back them up – then you might want to take a step back and analyse everything.
Then, the manager needs to have a strong work ethic. It’s one thing to be good with words – but there’s also a lot of work to be done. The good managers realise that the fight business is, in many cases, a number’s game. So, a good manager would make dozens, if not hundreds of contacts with companies and sponsors, promoting the fighter. If a manager was to contact one company per day only – then this would most likely get them nowhere. Only by tirelessly seeking sponsorship deals will the fighter be able to benefit from the manager’s work.
The manager needs to have quality contacts within the industry. So, if for example, the manager can dial Dana White or Sean Shelby of the UFC at any part of the day – then you know that you have a strong manager since both Dana and Shelby have given him or her their contact info. If your manager is well-connected, then this will make getting and signing sponsorships and fight contracts a lot easier.

So, how much does a good manager cost? Well, it depends on the job description. If your manager is only concerned with finding fights for the fighter – then the manager will most likely charge a commission of 5% of the sponsorships, salary, and bonuses that the fighter has. But if the manager is tasked with taking care of the paperwork, getting fights, giving advice and being available 24/7, and helping in any way they can – then they may charge a commission of 20-25%.

The manager is an indispensable figure in any MMA fighter’s career. Some examples of world-class manager companies are Dodge Sports, Dominance MMA, Paradigm MMA, Evolt Sport and others. So, if you’re serious about becoming an outstanding, successful MMA fighter, then one of the most important things that you can do about it is to find a good manager. Right now, JockPharm is working with Dodge Sports and Evolt Sport, one of the best in the industry. They are really all about quality care for their fighters and take them in as family. If you are represented by them, you are well taken care of. Just ask any of the fighters that they represent, they will all say the same thing about them! They are always looking for new talent, so if you are interested, drop us a line and we will connect you!

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