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EPISODE #4 – Matthew Dodge 

Matthew Dodge is the founder and CEO of Dodge Sports. Matt shares his journey into  MMA world and his experiences along the way. According to Matt, everything in life is an opportunity. Listen to the podcast to find out how Matt keeps busy and creative during pandemic times. 



EPISODE #3 – Aaron Phillips

In our third episode, Luis Mantilla sits down with Aaron Phillips from Alaska. They discuss his MMA journey, and more. Enjoy! 


EPISODE #2 – Noufel El Kasri 

In our second episode, Luis Mantilla sits down with SCL’s (Sparta Combat League) Featherweight Champion, Noufel El Kasri. They  discuss Noufel’s Martial Arts journey, his transition from Kickboxing to MMA, his future plans outside of MMA, and more. Enjoy! 

EPISODE #1 – Khai “the Shadow” Wu 

Luis Mantilla, the founder of JockPharm, sits down with Khai “the Shadow” Wu || 吳仲凱 for the very first episode of JockPharm’s podcast. In this episode, Khai discusses his MMA career, his early days being bullied as a kid in school and overcoming it, his team, and the importance to know how to do business in the MMA industry and much more! Khai gives great advice to other fighters in the MMA industry. His story is truly inspiring! 

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