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“JockPharm” is a platform aimed towards connecting MMA fighters globally. Dedicated to helping fighters of all professional levels network together, in ways towards growing their careers. In addition, we also offer exposure to sport agencies, some high performance apparel merchandise, social media management for growth and consultant sessions. 

We are partners with two well known sports management agencies connected to the UFC, Bellator, that are always looking for new talent to represent; DodgeSports and Evolt Sports. Register to get full and direct access to them!

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History about our Partners 

Dodge Sports is a full-service athlete management and marketing agency specializing in professional MMA. Their services include; contracts, sponsorship deals and marketing and financial planning. Dodge Sports represents many of the biggest names in the UFC, Bellator, and other and international fighting organizations. Click here to read more about Dodge Sports. 

Evolt Sports develops and manages the career and personal brand of elite MMA and Kickboxing athletes around the globe. They provide extensive contract negotiations on behalf of their fighters, accompany and consult fighters in their training, including fight camps and nutritionists. And also, social media activation and sponsorships deal. Click here to learn more about Evolt Sports.

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The Network

Are you a fighter and in need of MMA Management representation? Fights, Contracts, Sponsorships? Feeling overwhealmed? Dont know where to start? Don't worry! We got you! JockPharm can connect you to sports managers and brands. We help you so you can concentrate on what you do best, fighting!

Jockpharm Social

JockPharm Social. No need to worry about continously updating your profile and creating content to keep your followers engaged. "JockPharm Soical" is here for you. We want your main focus to be training, while we will handle the digital side of your brand image. We will put together a strategy gameplan for you social account in aspects of content, promotions and gaining follower traction.

1on1 Mentoring Sessions

We offer to fighters of all levels amateur, pro or a veteran fighter mentoring guidance along your careers journey. No matter who you are having a mentor is always key to developing your wisdom and knowledge in the game. Book yourself a 45 minute session with our experts who will listen and speak to you on your fighting career, contract negotiations, sponsorship and endoresements, brand building and get you on track to start making your fighting career happen.cu.

Jockpharm Recruits

"JockPharm Recruits" is an opportunity we give for fighters who are looking for their MMA profiles to reveiwed LIVE by our Partners. "JockPharm Recuits" takes place during a live facebook session, that will be done every (?) of every month, DodgeSports and Evolt Sports will announce the fighters they want to work with.

Fighters Resume

“Jockpharm Networking” allows you to upload you fighting career resume. It is important to keep your fighters profile updated with your latest stats, upcoming events and links to your highlights. This adds for maximum exposure as they will be seen by our partners and other recruiters on JockPharm. Your profile is important as it can help you land sponsors and gym around world. Set up your profile today!


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5 exciting MMA fights you may have forgotten about

UFC Fight Pass has grown exponentially in size, racking in around 450,000 subscribers worldwide, combat sports fans can access over 20,000 historic fights from 35 different promotions 24-7, which includes the likes of Strikeforce, PRIDE and the WEC. I sat and sifted through the streaming platform in search of five wicked, action-packed, and for the basis of this article, lesser-known fights you may have forgotten about. Some you may have heard, as they are all-time greats. Narrowing down only five awesome bouts was a challenge. But who doesn’t love a good challenge?

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Ichy’s Fighting Academy hopes to produce Puerto Rico’s first UFC fighter

Ichy Gonzalez started training in 1979, starting with Karate and eventually moving on to Kung Fu. With the start of MMA, my heart inclined towards the Mixed Martial Arts.” Back when Ichy was preparing for an MMA fight with his trainer Bill Martinez and Orlando Tiky Sanchez, he fractured his ribs on two occasions and it impaired his dreams of entering a cage. Because of this undying passion for the sport, Ichy’s Fighting Academy was born. 2002 marked the year Ichy began chasing a new team.

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JockPharm is more than just a platform for fighters and coaches but also a place for MMA fans to discuss related topics. 

Everything is free, so enjoy the platform and take advantage of the opportunity.

We recommend users to be at least 16 years of age access our platform

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