JockPharm is becoming KayO Zone

As JockPharm branches out to become a truly worldwide platform for fighters, fight industry insiders and fans, it’s time to take on a knockout brand with international appeal.

The excitement of this platform is that all the action is here, and we want you to feel connected and “in the zone” with everyone who’s making the action happen! We’re shifting gears to make sure that:

  • Every fan on the platform enjoys the excitement of connecting with and supporting their favorite fighters.
  • Every fighter on the platform can reach their fans and supporting professionals to accelerate their rise to glory.
  • Every manager, matchmaker, promoter and other professional can connect with the best fighters, fights, and venues.
  • Every fight media creator has a space to connect with events and audiences to share their photos, videos, and audio.

What’s changing now?

The JockPharm brand name will change to KayO Zone.

The website will become

What’s staying the same?

Everyone who’s already on board will still be able to connect with the site as it stands.

Our mascot, Sky the American Bulldog, is staying right here! She’s a perfect dog, a perfect logo, and has a prominent place in our hearts. Here she is with the new name:

What’s changing in the future?

This is the most exciting part.

Founder Luis Mantilla has brought on the app development and marketing team at Nuclius to expand the capabilities of the website, add more features, and multiply the value to every user. Nuclius is already busy preparing the following improvements:

  • Fighters’ Merch Stores – Sell tees, caps, and more to your fans with ease
  • NFT minting – Sell digital media of your (or your fighters’) matches and other moments
  • Manager Profiles – Managers will be able to list their fighters, agency affiliations, and other professional credentials.
  • Event Search – Find fighters by sport, style, location, and other critical filters
  • Social Outreach – Send select posts from KayO Zone to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more instantly

How would you like us to grow?

We would LOVE to hear what improvements you’d like to see as we take KayO Zone to every fight in the world!

Please tell us in the comments below.

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