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The Scrap
  • Public Group
  • Join the group to get the latest on your favorite fights, and tons of creative combat sports content. The Scrap has a heavy focus on regional MMA and giving the spotlight to those who need it most.
Behind The Grind Podcast
  • Public Group
  • Hi everyone! I'm Simon Romero and I get to interview the coolest and toughest people of the planet. I'm an amateur boxer with a record of 7-1 and a golden gloves champion! I started my podcast journey because I felt like not enough people were truly understanding what goes on behind the scenes of an athlete's/coach's or celebrity's life. I feel through my interviews, people are able to do that. Check out our new Podcast episodes of Behind the Grind.
Techniques and Everything Else
  • Public Group
  • This group was made to help martial art Athletes pursue excellence. Here, we humbly present our knowledge, exchange ideas, and have constructive discussions. Let's help educate each other and improve together.
Sports Marketing
  • Public Group
  • This is a group for Athletes to discuss topics, ideas, and concepts from various contact sports and marketing backgrounds.
Mental Health and Sports
  • Public Group
  • This group is designed to help athletes improve their performance through mental preparation and skill training.
Health and Fitness
  • Public Group
  • Look here to find the very best health and fitness information and tips!
Eagle Worth International / Sports Wear
  • Public Group
  • Eagle Worth International

    👉Active Wear 👉Fitness Wear 👉Sports Wear 👉Yoga Wear 👉Fight Wear 👉Boxing Gloves 👉For Order DM Whatsapp: +933042314272 👉
R5 Athletics
  • Public Group

    Fitness Testing, Exercise, PT and Coaching, Podiatry and Physiotherapy are our specialties. We leverage the expertise of various disciplines to best help you achieve your goals ( read more here ). We provide versatile exercise and testing services to individuals, clubs, and companies. Our testing equipment is of very high quality and we are able to give you very personalized test feedback. The test equipment moves with us so we can run the test day almost anywhere. The direct maximal oxygen uptake test is suitable for anyone who wants to know their fitness level and performance accurately. The fitness test is also suitable for those who do not need to measure their maximum performance but want to know about fat and carbohydrate metabolism during exercise and an analysis of their body composition. We have implemented the  ForMare occupational wellbeing program for Finnish shipping since 2014. The program encompasses approximately 100 people each year who receive personal training both on land and at sea. Today, we also carry out similar projects for other companies. The program and the health benefits achieved are unparalleled! In group sports, we offer eg. fitness boxing and dancing for companies, and personal coaching for individuals.
Combat Society
  • Private Group
  • Private Group
  • Hipko is about Competing, fitness, and well-being.

    Sports for the whole family, at five gyms in Helsinki and Espoo: Kontula, Metsälä, Vuosaari, Leppävaara, and Olarinluoma.

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