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How to be a MMA Fighter with NO MONEY!!!

The casual MMA fans are typically used to seeing the final product. This would be the typical megastar in the UFC, for example, Khabib Nurmagomedov or Conor McGregor. And the casual fans feel like these people have gotten lucky where they are – that they were born with talent and simply made it to the top. What they fail to realize are the turmoil and hardships that these top-tier fighters have experience at the beginning of their careers.

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Join the MMA community on JockPharm

What is JockPharm really? It’s a social networking platform – much like LinkedIn, for example. Only, it’s geared towards the MMA world. This social network was created recently, in January 2020 by Luis Mantilla a successful entrepreneur and an MMA enthusiast.

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5 exciting MMA fights you may have forgotten about

UFC Fight Pass has grown exponentially in size, racking in around 450,000 subscribers worldwide, combat sports fans can access over 20,000 historic fights from 35 different promotions 24-7, which includes the likes of Strikeforce, PRIDE and the WEC. I sat and sifted through the streaming platform in search of five wicked, action-packed, and for the basis of this article, lesser-known fights you may have forgotten about. Some you may have heard, as they are all-time greats. Narrowing down only five awesome bouts was a challenge. But who doesn’t love a good challenge?

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Ichy’s Fighting Academy hopes to produce Puerto Rico’s first UFC fighter

Ichy Gonzalez started training in 1979, starting with Karate and eventually moving on to Kung Fu. With the start of MMA, my heart inclined towards the Mixed Martial Arts.” Back when Ichy was preparing for an MMA fight with his trainer Bill Martinez and Orlando Tiky Sanchez, he fractured his ribs on two occasions and it impaired his dreams of entering a cage. Because of this undying passion for the sport, Ichy’s Fighting Academy was born. 2002 marked the year Ichy began chasing a new team.

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Justin Wetzell

“Believe it or not, I and a buddy on my wrestling team organized a fight club that we ran out of high school! It was nuts, we had gloves, mouthpieces, vaseline, and even “judges” After wrestling was over I wasn’t satisfied with how things ended, so I wanted to keep competing but I was also over wrestling.” And then Justin got into MMA.

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Reo Yamaguchi

Reo started 3 years ago and already has won a gold medal competing in the MMA Oceania Championships, silver medal in 2018 in the Junior World Championships, a silver medal of the same year in the Junior World Championships and also in the Junior European and Junior World Championships from 2019. This is how serious and devoted Reo is about the sport of MMA.

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Bellator fights we want to see happen in 2020

With several significant events canceled as of late, MMA fans are starved for new fights. Eventually, things will return to normal in the MMA world, and Bellator will get back to putting on quality cards. These are some of the fights that we would like to see booked throughout the remainder of 2020.

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Onur Seven

Onur Seven is a Sweden based fighter with Turkish roots. He is fierce and has the drive to succeed. We are super happy to have him join JockPharm.

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Khai Wu

We are absolutely excited to have Khai Wu join our JockPharm community. He is an amazing fighter from San Jose, California. Khai is truly an inspiring, hard-working, and humble fighter.

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Following current trend of contender series signings

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unknown whether the new season of DWCS will be delayed. However, there have been a few rumblings regarding the opportunities given. Although UFC will have fewer fighters to choose from due to not having regional fights leading up to the first episode, there is still plenty of talent to choose from. The following names have been mentioned for Season 4 of DWCS.

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Will MMA ever be an Olympic Sport?

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) has fought for years now for the acceptance of the sport by the Olympic Movement. This was to no avail to this very day. But the fight continues.

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COVID & The MMA Industry

Health organizations around the world are urging people to stay at home, and not mingle with others as it can be dangerous. The world, for the better part, listened to this sound advice. The unfortunate result of this is was that the world is now at a standstill. This includes even the sport of MMA – known to house some of the most fearless people in the entire world. MMA events are being postponed and canceled all around the world.

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SAMBO is a martial art and combat sport from the Soviet Union. The acronym “SAMBO” translates as “self-defense without weapons”.

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The Importance of Hydration

Combat sports training is one of the most vigorous, most demanding forms of exercise. The body will be sweating profusely and will rapidly lose hydration in the process. What happens when a fighter has purposely dehydrated himself in order to make weight?

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Making Money as an Athlete

More and more people are beginning to see fighting in professional sports as a viable career that they can enjoy. There are several things that you can do if you want to make a profit as a professional fighter.

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Sponsorship deals are vital to professional fighters. Here are some tips on getting sponsorship deals.

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Uprising Athletes

The rate at which new athletes come and go is staggering. Here’s our list of some of the biggest prospects in Mixed Martial Arts for the time being.

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Combat Sports in the Nordic countries

The Scandinavian people have always had a warrior-like spirit – stemming from the warrior olden days of the Vikings when they conquered and fought as a method of life. How and why the popularity of combat sports in the Nordics continues to grow?

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Injuries – The Battle Scars of a Fighter

Injuries. All fighters get injured. That’s a part of the sport. How does it feel physically to be in a fight? Dr. Beau Hightower compared it to being in “several car wrecks”. Fighting brings many health risks to the fighters. Fighters spend months preparing for a bout. The big fight can either last a few seconds and be over quickly, or it can last all 5 rounds. The more it lasts, the more injuries fighters can get the longer the recovery is.

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