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MMA is a relatively young sport. It started to gain traction in the early nineteen nineties when various MMA organizations sprung up – including the UFC. Slowly but surely, over time, MMA has turned into one of the world’s most popular sports. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is at the forefront of MMA, having some of the biggest sports stars in the entire world. And since MMA is so popular – it attracts the attention of many fans and fighters all around the globe. If you want to connect with likeminded people in this regard, then be sure to check out JockPharm – a new all-encompassing platform for the MMA community.

Where Fighters Meet 

So, what is JockPharm really? It’s a social networking platform – much like LinkedIn, for example. Only, it’s geared towards the MMA world. This social network was created recently, in January 2020 by Luis Mantilla a successful entrepreneur and an MMA enthusiast. “When I was competing in Kickboxing, sometimes I would go to different gyms to train and in every gym, they had their own Facebook groups. In those groups, we would discuss all fight related topics, our training, events, techniques, and all this was from a combat sports athlete’s perspective so there were really good insights. That’s how the idea started, I wanted to create a social media platform for all combat sports athletes to be there, to connect, interact, and learn from one another.”

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I come from a traditional family that is both from Honduras and Bolivia. In young years I found myself getting into trouble, guess I was just trying to find myself with the wrong crowd in the wrong places. As a young boy I loved Martial Arts, my first encounter was when I was 12. I started Kung Fu and soon after I got a black belt. Years after I started training kickboxing. It was my only outlet, the only time I felt in peace. However, I was not able to pursue the sport professionally for the lack of information and motivation. As years went by I was battling through depression and anxiety. I had to move a lot and live in different countries, trying to find my way again. Life took me to Finland and that's where I met my wife and started my own family. And even with my family, we had to move several times. Little by little I had to educate myself on mental health issues as nobody wanted to touch that subject and I wasn’t brave enough to seek help myself. I was scared of failing however, my passion towards MMA and drive to be an entrepreneur has gotten me through the terrifying bits. I strongly want to give back to society and help young athletes on their carrier paths. This is why I decided to create JockPharm. I want to provide a simplistic way for MMA athletes to connect with each other, learn from each other and therefore to have more opportunities in the MMA world . . . . . #JockPharm

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JockPharm is still in its infancy stage yet it holds a lot of promise in uniting a big part of the world of MMA.  This is going to be sensational once more and more people learn of this exciting new platform and they sign up to create their JockPharm accounts.

 Making Connections 

You don’t have to be a fighter or a competitor if you want to join JockPharm. The best thing about it is that this platform takes all kinds of MMA enthusiasts and practitioners – including amateur fighters, professionals, MMA hobbyists and fans, coaches, journalists that cover the sport, and even MMA sponsors. With this, JockPharm strives to cover a previously untapped field in the market – as JockPharm now provides a platform for MMA fans and practitioners to gather around.

 The purpose of JockPharm is for you to meet other people that share the same interest around MMA. You will learn more about the sport itself, including potentially indispensable tricks, tips, and details that will help increase the depth of your appreciation of MMA. You may also learn new ways to strike or defend yourself – which can eventually spell the difference between a win and a loss in the cage.

Best of all, the current top-goal of JockPharm at the moment is connecting accomplished fighters with sports management agencies. If you find the right agent that will know your needs and impressive talents, then you can expect to get some exciting fights where you can excel and showcase your mad skills. And all of this will result in a BIGGER demand for you as a fighter – and GREATER exposure.

“As I got more into competing I noticed that my first coach was not to involved in trying to get me out there, so I started to try to get fights on my own and it was damn hard as I didn’t have the right contacts. Fast forward 7 years, I notice that there were many talented fighters out there that the world doesn’t have a clue about. And mainly is because they don’t know how to market themselves effectively or don’t know how to network. Also, many don’t have the finances, knowledge, or opportunity to work with a sports management agency. So I thought that I could create a platform for fighters not only to connect with one another but also to be able to connect easily and directly with management agencies with an already digital resume prepared which would be their JockPharm profile”

 How to become a part of the JockPharm community? 

Regardless if you’re an MMA professional or just a hobbyist – or anything in-between – you would do well to visit JockPharm and create an account. This will enable you to connect with thousands of likeminded people from all around the world and it will open for you an entirely new world of possibilities for your MMA career. The remarkable people that you will meet on this platform and the networks that you will create can change your life for the better. You can create your own account on JockPharm, quick and easy:


🥊    Go to jockpharm.com click SIGN UP,  complete your profile. Nothing to it!
🥊     Remember to fill out your stats and upload your fearless training and competition photos.
🥊     A complete profile = more exposure to sponsors, management agencies, and kick-ass opportunities!
🥊    You most definitely want people to know how remarkable you are and your brilliant skills. This is going to be mind-blowing!

🥊   Now it’s your turn – spread the love, SHARE this article and TELL your MMA friends to JOIN.  So excited to witness JockPharm grow!


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