What are the three D’s to Success for a fighter?

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Want to be a great fighter? How can you accomplish that goal? What is the foundation of accomplishments? 

MOTIVATION is the key here. 

To become the best fighter, you can be, you must be motivated to do exactly what it takes to expand your ability and reach your goals.

So motivation? What is it and where do we get it? Motivation is a strong reason within you that drives you to accomplish something. Motivation is crucial because that’s how we move forward. It is a fact, all of us need motivation; there are always distracting factors that will try to distract you such as tiredness, boredom, pain and just pretty much anything else. However, with the motivation, you can excel to the next level. 

I would like to share something I learned about prime motivation. Prime motivation means putting 100% of your time, effort, energy, and focus on the sport. It means doing everything possible to be the best fighter you can be and it consists of 3 Ds.  

Triple D to Succes

The first D stands for DIRECTION. There are 3 directions you can choose from:

  • Stop training completely
  • Continue training as you are
  • Aim to be the best fighter you can be


The second D is for DECISION. With the 3 choices of direction mentioned above, you must select one. This decision will determine how good of a fighter you will be and the amount of time and effort you dedicate to the sport.

The third D stands for DEDICATION. Once you’ve decided which direction to go, you must commit yourself to it.  Your dedication will make your goal to be the best fighter, a priority and all of your time and efforts will be put on achieving your goal. Only by being completely dedicated to the decision of your direction you will have the prime motivation.

How can you develop prime motivation? There will be times when you don’t feel like doing anything at all, this is where the effort comes in. You need to focus on your long term goal. Try to think about what you want to accomplish and why. Imagine the feeling of winning the fight, imagine the feeling of reaching your goals, happiness, and that proud feeling that you will have once you get there. This will inspire you and push forward to your goal when you are feeling unmotivated. 

If you have a quote or a picture that inspires you, put it where you can see it on a daily basis. Feel the inspiration and emotions it evokes. Stay in that feeling and then continue working towards your goals.

Ask yourself two questions every day

Every day, you can ask yourself two questions. These two questions will remind you daily of what your goals are and will challenge you to be motivated to become your best.

  • “What can I do today to become the best athlete I can be?”
  • “Did I do everything possible today to become the best athlete I can be?”

Let’s be real, it’s difficult to be highly motivated all of the time on your own. That is why it is good to surround yourself with people that are having the same goal as you are. They will inspire you through the difficult days. Training buddy, for example, will help you to get out of bed and go for that jog, go to the gym and get through those drills. Once you have someone pushing you to reach your goal you will notice that you work much harder. That someone can be a coach, personal trainer, your friend, your spouse or even a parent.

Finally, motivation must come from within. You must want to be in your sport, no one can force you to be the best.  You have to love it and everything about it.


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