Networking Platform for MMA Athletes

JOCKPHARM is a social media networking platform connecting MMA athletes directly to sports talent management agencies.  JOCKPHARM provides a simple and interactive way for MMA fighters to be recognized for their skills. 
Currently, JOCKPHARM is working with Dodge Sports which is a full-service athlete management and marketing agency specializing in professional MMA. Dodge Sports represents many of the biggest names in the UFC, Bellator, and other and international fighting organizations. Through Dodge Sports professional MMA fighters can get services from career management and media relations to licensing and philanthropy.

Fighters Resume

JOCKPHARM has created a platform where fighters are in control of who they connect with and, what they showcase to sports management agencies, promoters and sponsors.  JOCKPHARM provides the ultimate fighters’s resume to its members. Anyone who views your profile will see a concise and clear portrayal of all the skills and abilities you possess as a fighter and/or coach. All the stats you share on your timeline, along with the endorsements and feedback  will create an image of your overall career statistics, available for anyone on your network to see.

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What lies in store for free agent Michael Chandler?

What lies in store for free agent Michael Chandler?

Following a first-round knockout over former UFC champion Benson Henderson at Bellator 243, promotional poster boy "Iron" Michael Chandler officially became a free agent. The Florida-based Michael Chandler has been a key stablemate of Bellator's...

Join the MMA community on JockPharm

Join the MMA community on JockPharm

JockPharm – an Incredible New Networking PlatformMMA is a relatively young sport. It started to gain traction in the early nineteen nineties when various MMA organizations sprung up – including the UFC. Slowly but surely, over time, MMA has turned...

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