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Every fighter can get a signed contract through JockPharm. We aim to connect every AMATEUR and PRO MMA fighter to a sports manager for successful career opportunities.

For Fighters

FIGHTER Profile ☑️

Fighters get to have a new personalised Fighters Profile that will include all the relevant information a manager needs to have such as Fight Record, Weight, Height, Gym, etc…

Connect to Managers ☑️

Managers are able to view your profile, connect with you and directly make offers. You will not just be able to connect with managers, but also gain exposure to potential sponsors.

Engage with Fans ☑️

Fighters can gain exposure amongst fans by posting fights, training images, videos, and making insightful comments that helps them engage with fans

For Managers

For Managers

FIGHTER Profile ☑️

In JockPharm, managers will have access to the fighter's profile with all the relevant information needed to ignite interest and hence leading to further conversation.

Connect to FIGHTERS ☑️

Managers are able to directly reach out to fighters on Jockpharm. By having access to a detailed global database of fighters, managers will save an enormous amount of time searching for their next big sign


Managers can post “Fight Calls” inviting fighters to competition or sponsorship opportunities. You will not only be able to find great talents for your next fight call but you will have the opportunity to promote them

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Who We are

JockPharm was established in 2020 with the purpose of getting MMA fighters connected to top management agencies, other fighters, coaches, and other professionals from the industry, helping them grow in their fighting careers.

In our experience, we know how challenging it is to find the right manager and fighting opportunities without the right contacts. With the utmost respect and admiration for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, we feel that fighters don’t get the recognition they deserve, hence the exposure they require.

The game changes today: JockPharm Networking Platform will be viewed by agents, managers, coaches and they are all looking for YOU. JockPharm provided the staging to connect with other fighters and sports managers directly.

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